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Explore our range of solutions designed to protect, monitor, and respond, ensuring your business's security and peace of mind.

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Managed Security

Managed Security provides 24/7 protection, expert monitoring, and rapid response to secure your digital infrastructure.

Managed Detection & Response
Our MDR service offers 24/7 monitoring, advanced threat hunting, and rapid response to protect your digital assets.
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Managed Endpoint Security
BT's Managed Endpoint Security provides real-time threat detection, proactive monitoring, and expert response to protect your devices.
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Managed Vulnerability Program
BT's Managed Vulnerability Program identifies and mitigates system weaknesses to prevent attacks and minimize business risks.
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Cloud Security

Cloud Managed Security ensures constant monitoring, threat detection, and defense for your cloud infrastructure.

SECOPS as a service
SecOpsaaS offers continuous monitoring, expert tools, and cybersecurity expertise, reducing costs and enhancing protection without in-house teams.
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Cloud Security Posture Management
CSPM ensures a secure, compliant cloud environment through continuous monitoring, threat detection, and cost optimization.
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