Vulnerability Scanning and Remediation

The constant evolution of cyber threats necessitates a proactive approach to securing your IT infrastructure. BT's Vulnerability Scanning and Remediation service empowers you to identify and address potential security weaknesses before they can be exploited by malicious actors.

What you get

Comprehensive Vulnerability Detection
Our advanced scanning tools identify a wide range of vulnerabilities across your systems, applications, and network devices.
Prioritization and Risk Assessment
We prioritize identified vulnerabilities based on their severity, potential impact, and exploitability, allowing you to focus on the most critical issues first.
Expert Remediation Guidance
Our team provides actionable recommendations for addressing identified vulnerabilities, including patching, configuration changes, or alternative mitigation strategies.
Ongoing Vulnerability Management
We offer ongoing vulnerability scanning services to keep your environment protected and ensure new vulnerabilities are promptly detected and addressed.

Benefits of Our Vulnerability Scanning and Remediation Service

Reduced Risk of Breaches
Proactively identifying and addressing vulnerabilities significantly reduces the risk of successful cyberattacks and data breaches.
Improved Security Posture
By addressing identified vulnerabilities, you strengthen your security posture and make it more resilient against malicious attempts.
Enhanced Compliance
Regular vulnerability scanning can help you meet compliance requirements of industry regulations or internal security policies.
Addressing vulnerabilities proactively can prevent costly security incidents and data breaches, saving your organization time and resources.

How We Deliver Our Vulnerability Scanning and Remediation Service

By choosing BT's Vulnerability Scanning and Remediation service, you gain a comprehensive and proactive approach to managing security vulnerabilities. Our expert guidance and ongoing support empower you to keep your IT infrastructure secure, compliant, and resilient against evolving cyber threats.

Get started


Assessment and Planning

We begin by understanding your specific security needs, IT environment, and risk tolerance.

Deployment and Configuration

We deploy our scanning agents and configure them to scan your systems, applications, and network devices according to your requirements.


Regular Vulnerability Scans

We conduct regular scans at scheduled intervals to identify any newly discovered vulnerabilities or changes in your environment.


Vulnerability Analysis and Prioritization

Our team analyzes the scan results, prioritizes identified vulnerabilities based on severity and risk, and assigns them based on criticality.


Remediation Guidance and Support

We provide detailed reports outlining identified vulnerabilities, their potential     impact, and recommended remediation strategies.


Verification and Validation

We help you verify and validate the effectiveness of implemented remediation efforts, ensuring vulnerabilities are truly addressed.


Ongoing Monitoring and Reporting

We offer ongoing vulnerability scanning services to maintain continuous vigilance and provide regular reports on the overall security posture of your IT environment.


Let's get started

Reach out to schedule an introductory call with one of our team members and learn more about how BT can be a multiplier for your SecOps capabilities.

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