Managed Detection & Response

Our MDR service ensures continuous monitoring and protection of your networks, endpoints, and cloud environments, integrating advanced threat hunting and intelligence correlation for rapid detection, response, and recovery from sophisticated cyber threats, ensuring your infrastructure's security around the clock.

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What you get

Event analysis and response

Our SOC monitors and responds to security events, ensuring visibilityin your network and hybrid cloud. Whether it’s aSIEM or security data lake, we will monitor, manage, and tune the existinginvestments the organization has already made.

Threat intelligence correlation and threat hunting

Benefit from always-on vigilance with our threat hunters, who use our advanced threat correlation system to quickly detect, contain, and eliminate threats across your physical and cloud-based assets.

Digital Risk Monitoring

We scan the open, deep, and dark web for threats, detecting compromised credentials, leaked documents, and domain issues. Our vigilance includes spotting impersonation attempts, fake social profiles, and counterfeit apps, ensuring constant monitoring and rapid threat containment.

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments

Enhance your cybersecurity with our MDR service, offering annual penetration testing and vulnerability assessments following the PTES methodology. Our comprehensive approach identifies and addresses vulnerabilities across your network, applications, and systems. Gain detailed insights and effective remediation strategies to bolster defenses against evolving cyber threats, ensuring your organization's resilience.

Managed Response

Our Managed Incident Response service offers rapid and comprehensive support to manage and mitigate security breaches. Leveraging expert teams and advanced technology, we quickly identify the scope of an incident, contain the threat, and implement recovery strategies to minimize impact. Our approach ensures that vulnerabilities are addressed, systems are restored, and lessons are learned to fortify your defenses against future attacks. 

Our approach

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Comprehensive Reporting

Our monthly reports offer a detailed analysis of your cybersecurity, covering detected threats, vulnerability assessments, and the effectiveness of mitigation strategies. These reports provide insights into security gaps, improvement recommendations, and incident response overviews. With clear, actionable summaries, we empower clients to make informed decisions for continuous improvement and best practice alignment in their cybersecurity strategies and investments.

Multi-cloud Monitoring and Security Posture Management

Our multi-cloud threat detection and response service meticulously monitors and secures cloud technologies including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. By leveraging Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), we ensure the identification and remediation of misconfigurations, enforce compliance standards, and implement security best practices across these platforms.

Streamlined Onboarding

Our onboarding process ensures comprehensive security coverage, with a dedicated advisor for ongoing support. We conduct a thorough visibility audit, optimizing monitoring setups, integrating our SOC, and delivering the initial report after 30 days. This ensures a seamless transition and a strong security posture from the start.

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