Risk Assessment

Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving, making it crucial to understand and manage the risks posed to your organization's information assets. BT's Risk Assessment Service leverages the internationally recognized ISO 27005 framework to provide a comprehensive and standardized approach to identifying, assessing, and mitigating information security risks.

What you get?

Standardized and Consistent Methodology
Our approach adheres to the well-established and widely accepted ISO 27005 framework, ensuring consistency and allowing for comparison with other organizations.
Comprehensive Risk Identification
We employ a structured methodology to identify all potential threats and vulnerabilities that could impact your information assets.
Expert Risk Analysis and Evaluation
Our team of experienced security professionals analyzes identified risks, assessing their likelihood, impact, and overall severity.
Prioritized Actionable Recommendations
Based on the risk assessment, we provide clear and prioritized recommendations for mitigating identified risks, allowing you to effectively allocate resources.

Benefits of Our Risk Assessments

Reduced Risk of Security Incidents
Proactive identification and mitigation of risks minimizes the likelihood of costly security incidents and data breaches
Improved Decision-Making
Gain valuable insights and data-driven recommendations to make informed decisions regarding security investments and resource allocation.
Enhanced Compliance
Aligning with the ISO 27005 framework demonstrates your commitment to information security best practices and compliance.
Stronger Security Posture
By understanding and addressing your organization's unique risks, you can build a stronger and more resilient security posture.

How We Deliver Our Risk Assessments

By choosing BT's risk assessment services, you gain a comprehensive understanding of your information security risks, enabling you to make informed decisions and build a robust and compliant security program. Our expert team and standardized approach ensure a thorough and valuable assessment, empowering you to proactively manage your information security risks.

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Planning and Scoping

We collaborate with your team to understand your specific needs, security context, and desired scope of the assessment.

Asset Identification and Classification

We work with you to identify and categorize your critical information assets based on their sensitivity and importance.


Threat and Vulnerability Identification

We leverage our expertise and industry knowledge to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities that could exploit your identified assets.


Risk Analysis and Evaluation

Our team assesses the likelihood, impact, and overall severity of each identified risk using standardized ISO 27005 criteria.


Risk Treatment Recommendations

Based on the risk assessment results, we provide actionable recommendations for mitigating identified risks, including control implementation, risk acceptance, or risk avoidance strategies.


Reporting and Communication

We deliver a comprehensive report summarizing the assessment findings, risk rankings, and recommended mitigation strategies.


Ongoing Support

We offer ongoing support and guidance to help you implement identified risk mitigation measures and maintain a strong security posture.


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Reach out to schedule an introductory call with one of our team members and learn more about how BT can be a multiplier for your SecOps capabilities.

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