SecOps as-a-service

SecOps-as-a-Service (SecOpsaaS) provides outsourced security operations functions, delivered by a third-party cybersecurity provider. It offers businesses the expertise, tools, and continuous monitoring they need to protect against evolving cyber threats, without the burden of building and maintaining a full in-house security team. This model is particularly valuable for organizations that lack internal security resources, require 24/7/365 vigilance, want access to cutting-edge threat intelligence, or seek to reduce operational costs.

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What you get

Our product-agnostic approach allows for a smooth integration with your environment:

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SIEM Compatibility

We adapt our service to your chosen SIEM platform, regardless of the vendor

Expertise Across SIEM Solutions

Our analysts are highly experienced with various popular SIEM solutions and stay up-to-date with their latest features and best practices.

How We Deliver the Service

Assessment and Planning

We assess your existing SIEM and security requirements to develop a tailored SecOpsaaS plan.

Integration and Baseline Establishment

We integrate our monitoring tools and services into your SIEM, establishing security baselines for optimal performance.

Ongoing Management and Optimization

Our team provides around-the-clock coverage, continuously optimizing your SIEM and utilizing its features for enhanced threat detection and response.

Reporting and Communication

We provide regular reports and maintain transparent communication channels for clear visibility into your security posture.

Continuous Improvement

We collaborate with your team to refine processes, adapt to emerging threats, and maximize the value of your SIEM investment.

BT's product-agnostic SecOps-as-a-Service enables you to leverage your existing SIEM solution to its fullest potential. Our team of experts provides ongoing monitoring, management, and optimization, enhancing your security posture while freeing your internal team to focus on strategic initiatives.

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Reach out to schedule an introductory call with one of our team members and learn more about how BT can be a multiplier for your SecOps capabilities.

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