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Penetration Testing. 

We believe that being a trusted adviser means helping you understand your key risks and exposures — both in your own IT infrastructure and the infrastructure of your service providers and supply chains. Our dedicated team has identified unpublished vulnerabilities in vendor products, performed over 100 network and application penetration tests, performed penetration testing of IoT (Internet of Things) devices, such as medical devices and even infotainment systems for automobiles, as well as passenger airliners

Our Services. 

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Network Penetration Test 

Application Penetration Test 

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We provide penetration testing services for our clients, following the Penetration Execution Standard (PTES), OWASP top ten, and PCI Penetration Guidelines according to our client needs.

Our team will perform penetration testing to assess our client’s network for vulnerabilities and security issues in network devices, servers, hosts, and devices. Engagements can include internal network penetration testing and/or external, according to our client’s needs.

Our Web Application Penetration Test focuses on identifying the security vulnerabilities as a result of insecure development practices, coding, design of a software program or website.

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Mobile Application Penetration Test

Our Mobile Application Penetration Testing services help companies evaluate de security from insider a mobile environment, identifying vulnerabilities in the mobile applications, bottlenecks, loopholes, and attack vectors prior to the release to the end-user.

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Connected-Car Penetration Test

We perform penetration testing of all layers of the telematics system, infotainment system, and mobile apps over the entire attack surface that they use to communicate, including Bluetooth, WLAN, and cellular phone networks (GSM).


Phishing Campaings 

In order to test user awareness and the vulnerability to social engineering attack vectors, our team will develop phishing campaigns catered to our client’s needs and subject matter.


Managed Penetration Testing 

Our Managed Penetration Testing Service allows companies that have penetration test requirements regularly and are looking to have a provider that can support their requirements throughout the year for a flat fee.

Our Methodology. 

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Our team performs penetration testing following the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES), which is a standard that provides a baseline for penetration testing consisting of 7 stages. This allows for our team to perform testing consistently following an industry-recognized standard.

Where required, penetration testing can include compliance-driven guidance and methodologies, e.g. PCI DSS testing Guidelines.

Penetration Testing is essential for companies to assess the vulnerabilities and efficacy of controls within their environment, identify areas of opportunities and the susceptibility of a system, network, and/or applications.


As an industry best practice, penetration testing is a requirement for the majority of security standards and legislation which in turn impacts contractual requirements as it relates to security.

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Why penetration testing?