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Managed Security Monitoring. 

Brier & Thorn's Managed Services Practice (MSP) provides monitoring and management of existing network and endpoint security controls already deployed in your environment.

Managed Security Monitoring. 

As part of our Managed Security Monitoring, our Security Operations Center (SOC) will monitor 24x7x365 and manage our client's security tools and escalate potentially malicious security events.

​We believe that security is a business problem, not a technology problem, as such, our Security Operations Center is agnostic as it relates to technology. We will monitor and manage your existing technology and if needed provide an objective opinion on the technology that fits your needs, budget, and environment

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Managed Firewall

Our Security Operations Center will monitor and manage the existing firewall protecting the perimeter, tuning the IPS continuously, and applying best practices to the configuration to meet the business and operational needs.

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Managed SIEM 

We will ensure around-the-clock monitoring and response coverage of the enterprise environment. Our Security Operations Center (SOCs) will monitor and manage your existing SIEM or recommend, operationalize, and continuously tune a SIEM that aligns to your exact business and operational objectives, including the adoption of new network and endpoint security controls to increase visibility

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Managed EPP 

Endpoint Protection Platforms are a type of software program designed to prevent, detect and remove malicious software (malware) on IT systems, as well as individual computing devices. EPP can be installed on an individual computing device, gateway server, or dedicated network appliance. Brier & Thorn will maintain, monitor, and respond to malware detected on endpoints as well as ensure the EPP implementation is kept up-to-date.

Why we do it? 

Today, there are more network and endpoint security controls generating petabytes of collective log data with not enough people to analyze it than ever before. We didn't believe the solution was to throw more technology at the problem, we believed the solution was to throw critical thinking at it -- human analytic rigor.

So instead of creating another "me too" MSSP that recommends more technology, we built a different kind of company.

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The technology. 

We believe that our product-agnostic philosophy allows us to monitor and manage existing tools in our client's environment or if required our objective recommendations for the implementation of security tools according to the particular client, their environment, and budget.

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