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Security that brings you peace of mind

We provide support to your security team on their daily operations, through our team of security engineers dedicated to your account, acting as an extension of your team.

Expand your security team according to your needs

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Whether you need and additional resource for a project, a couple of months or indefinitely. Our Dedicated Services will assign you a security engineer dedicated to your account according to your needs.

Allowing you to escalate your security operations quickly and effortlessly through the year.

Dedicated Security Engineer 

Our services ensure that our clients have an assigned Dedicated Security Engineer to provide support on the daily security operations such as:

  • Security training and awareness

  • Managing security providers

  • Reporting and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Monitoring 

  • Configuring security tools according to best practices

  • Design and implementation of best security practices

  • Management of security tickets within the organization

  • Incident Response activities  

  • Many more..

Dedicated Compliance Analyst

Keeping up with compliance with security standards is a challenge for most companies, our Dedicated Compliance Analyst ensures that your team has a dedicated resource for all of your compliance requirements. 

  • Generating and updating security policies and procedures

  • Monitoring compliance metrics

  • Collection of evidence and support in external audits and internal audits. 

  • Monitoring compliance with safety standards

  • Implementing security best practices

  • Internal Security Audits

  • Support in customer security questionnaires

  • Many more...

Service Highlights 

Our Dedicated Services delivery is focused on provided dedicated support for the daily operations and or specific projects, based on their needs, our service can be structure around flexible schedules and hours according to the operation, budget, and overall project requirements.

Our dedicated resources will be assigned according to the experience required for the operations and/or projects.

Staff Augmentation

For companies that have limited resources or are in need of a security team, our service can provide the additional resources needed for their operations.

Specialized Resources

Whether a junior or senior resource is needed, our team members will match according to the needs of the client and/or project.


For clients with budgetary concerns, our service is a cost-effective option to cover the security operations staff requirements eliminating overhead costs.

Get to know our services 

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