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BT Channel Solutions is our division focused on partnering with leading cybersecurity vendors to offer comprehensive security solutions to our clients. This division is dedicated to selling, integrating, monitoring, and managing a wide range of security controls, ensuring our customers' resilience.

By ingesting high-fidelity data from endpoints, networks, logs, clouds, identities, assets, and vulnerabilities, BT Channel Solutions provides complete visibility into the attack surface, facilitating a more robust defense against cyber threats.

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About Us

Force Multiplier for SecOps

We pride ourselves on being a force multiplier for the existing Security Operations (SecOps) capabilities of our customers. Understanding that even the most well-staffed and skilled SecOps teams can be overwhelmed by the sheer volume and complexity of today's cybersecurity challenges, we step in to enhance and amplify their efforts. Our services are designed to seamlessly integrate with our clients' operations, providing the extra layer of insight, expertise, and action needed to elevate their security posture.

Analytic Rigor of Our SecOps Team

The analytic rigor of our SecOps team is the backbone of our operation. We place immense importance on the depth of analysis and intelligence that guides our detection and response strategies. Our team is not just reactive; we are deeply proactive, using sophisticated analytics to dissect and understand the anatomy of threats, ensuring that our responses are not just immediate but intelligent and effective.

Multilingual SOC

At BT, we recognize the critical importance of communication and understanding, which is why we are proud to operate as a multilingual Security Operations Center (SOC) with native Spanish-speaking SOC analysts and threat hunters. This linguistic capability ensures that we can serve a wider range of clients more effectively, breaking down barriers and fostering clearer, more precise communication.

Our Spanish-speaking professionals bring not only their language skills but also a deep understanding of cultural nuances, enabling us to tailor our security solutions to the specific needs and contexts of our Spanish-speaking clients. This inclusivity enhances our threat detection and response capabilities, ensuring that all clients, regardless of their primary language, receive the highest level of protection and service. Our commitment to bilingual operations underscores our dedication to accessibility, diversity, and the highest standards of cybersecurity excellence.

Addressing Current Problems in Security Operations

Today's Security Operations face a paradox; despite increasing investments in cybersecurity products, the complexity of managing IT environments and the frequency of breaches continue to rise. This escalating challenge is not merely a tool problem; it's fundamentally a human problem. At BT, we recognize that the solution lies not in accumulating more tools but in harnessing the right expertise and intelligence to wield these tools effectively.

Our values

Our values are the cornerstone of our identity and operations. We place paramount importance on:

Our raison d'être, ensuring the digital safety of our clients through relentless pursuit of cybersecurity excellence
We believe in the power of our team's expertise and our clients' insights, fostering a collaborative environment that values every voice.
Openness in our operations and communications builds trust and strengthens our relationships with clients.
The cybersecurity landscape is ever-evolving, and so are we, always pushing the boundaries of what's possible in MDR.

Our Strategic Vision

Our vision is to democratize MDR, bringing the sophisticated security capabilities typically reserved for the largest corporations to businesses of all sizes, from Main Street to Wall Street. We are committed to leveling the playing field in cybersecurity, ensuring that every organization, regardless of size, has access to top-tier security operations expertise.

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Part of the Knight Group of Companies

BT is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Knight Group, a diversified holding company with an expansive portfolio of businesses operating across various industries.

The Knight Group's range of subsidiaries includes Knight Studios, a leading TV and movie production company and the owner/operator of the Knight TV+ OTT streaming service; Knight Events, a premier event planning and management firm renowned for its innovative and memorable events; Knight Coffee Co., an innovative and socially responsible coffee roaster committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing; Knight Publishing, a respected publishing house with a diverse range of literary offerings; and Knight Ink, a creative marketing agency known for its cutting-edge strategies and impactful campaigns.

This association with the Knight Group not only provides BT with a strong financial backing and a broad operational framework but also aligns us with a diverse ecosystem of industries, enriching our perspective and enhancing our capacity to innovate within the cybersecurity domain.

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