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New Year, New Web Site, New Global Brand

Brier & Thorn Launches New Web Site

It's a new year, making Brier & Thorn 6 years old now. Like a fine wine, Brier & Thorn has only gotten better with age. With time comes lessons learned and a new way of doing things better. After closing out fiscal 15 with a 157% increase in y/y revenues, 2016 brings a new expansion into Europe with the

opening of our new Security Operations Center and EU headquarters in Germany; a new web site; and a new global brand. As a 100% employee-owned company, Brier & Thorn's family around the world are personally invested in the success of our clients. We're still the same star-struck dreamers building the same great company that you know and love -- just a bit more gray hair and a bit more grown up.

Click here to be taken to our new web site.

This year, we're focusing heavily on our differentiation of "starting with why." Click here to view a 3D flythrough of what our why is and get to know us better, not by what we do or how we do it, but why we do it for you every day. WARNING: You may need to take some Dramamine before watching the presentation. :)

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