Security is a business problem, not a technology problem.


Our holistic approach considers a number of factors to ensure that we identify the risks and provide a well-rounded solution. 

D E D I C A T E D   S E R V I C E S  

Security operations are becoming more complex every day, with the number of threats growing day by day increasing risks to businesses. Security departments have noticed an increase in responsibilities and the scope of operations.

Our dedicated services focus on supporting those companies that require dedicated support in day-to-day security operations, projects, and strategies for the company. Companies looking for additional support to their existing equipment or have a dedicated security team outside of security operations.

Our Service 

Our dedicated security services are determined based on the needs of our customers, whether they need support for a few hours a week or during business hours.

Providing the ability to scale your security operations quickly, with the support of the Brier & Thorn team and availability of a resource dedicated to our customer while maintaining specialized services for day-to-day security and/or compliance operations

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Dedicated Security Engineer 

Our services ensure that our clients have an assigned Dedicated Security Engineer to provide support on the daily security operations such as:

  • Security training and awareness

  • Managing security providers

  • Reporting and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Monitoring 

  • Configuring security tools according to best practices

  • Design and implementation of best security practices

  • Management of security tickets within the organization

  • Incident Response activities  

  • Many more.....

Dedicated Compliance Analyst

Keeping up with compliance with security standards is a challenge for most companies, our Dedicated Compliance Analyst ensures that your team has a dedicated resource for all of your compliance requirements. 

  • Generating and updating security policies and procedures

  • Monitoring compliance metrics

  • Collection of evidence and support in external audits and internal audits. 

  • Monitoring compliance with safety standards

  • Implementing security best practices

  • Internal Security Audits

  • Support in customer security questionnaires

  • Many more...

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Why Brier & Thorn? 

With more than 10 years in the cybersecurity space, Brier & Thorn provides flexible solutions for our clients. We understand that cybersecurity is not a one-size fits all and the needs our clients will vary from company to company and from year to year. 

Our Dedicated Services focuses on providing additionally support to our clients on the operation security, our team will act as an extension of your team. Wheather its a couple of hours a week or 40 hours. 

We understand that finding and developing talent is a challenge, with strained budgets and rising responsibilities for security teams. Brier & Thorn can provide a solution with dedicated resources without the challenges of recruitment and inscost -effective manner. Let us help!