Our Events 

Brier & Thorn hosts a myriad of events regarding cybersecurity matters; take a dive in our previous events and stay tuned for new ones down the pipeline!

Mitigating IoT Risks in Your Enterprise

For our first quarterly #webinar. During our webinar our analysts will discuss the risks that threaten modern enterprises, particularly with the introduction of IoT devices in their network. We will not only analyze the risks but also provide guidance on the best strategies for addressing these risks and improving your security posture

You don’t want to miss it!.

MDR for Better ROI

Join Alissa Knight in the discussion of solutions and advancements in the ever-changing market. She'll share strategies and some of her experiences with clients. Also, Alissa will give some tips on the MDR techniques she finds most effective and why other C-level members should pay attention to MDR.

Holistic Vulnerability Management

Brier & Thorn's Global CEO, Alissa Knight, will be leading this webinar on Vulnerability Management. Where she will be exposing techniques, tips, and trends on how to protect your company.

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