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SEPTEMBER 06, 2016

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Brier & Thorn, Inc. continues its European expansion and investment into Germany with the opening of a new Security Operations Center and corporate office in Stuttgart

STUTTGART, GERMANY, September 06, 2016, Brier & Thorn Germany, GmbH, the Germany subsidiary of Brier & Thorn, Inc., a global managed security service and IT risk management consulting firm, celebrated the opening of its second corporate office and Security Operations Center (SOC) in Stuttgart. The new facility houses Brier & Thorn’s new cyber intelligence fusion center -- dedicated all-source intelligence analysts monitoring blackhat activities across dark web sites globally, RaaS (Ransomware-as-a-service) and botnet monitoring, network security monitoring, IT risk management consulting services, and a new automotive testing lab.

The new corporate office and SOC in Stuttgart is emblematic of the continued success Brier & Thorn has experienced in the execution of its European expansion strategy. Its global network of international member firms provides local service to its overseas clients, particularly in the automotive sector where it has experienced significant growth in the penetration testing and risk assessment of electronic control units (ECUs) in connected cars and autonomous vehicles. In addition to the opening of its new SOC, all European customer data will be federated at a new datacenter it has opened in Frankfurt to adhere to the data privacy laws of Germany and other European nation states where data cannot be transmitted outside of the EU border.

Alissa Knight, Managing Director of Brier & Thorn Germany and Group Managing Partner of Brier & Thorn, Inc says, “Brier & Thorn has quickly established itself as trusted advisors in the IoT security space with our recent contract awards with automobile manufacturers in Europe and Asia. Brier & Thorn helps automakers and manufacturers of ECUs create more secure cars. The strategic location of our two offices is Stuttgart -- the city referred to as the “cradle of the auto industry,” is reflective of our continued focus in expanding across Europe, giving us unique access to provide local support to our Northern European client base. Housed in this new facility is a state of the art automotive testing lab and SOC, enabling our clients to advance their organizational outcomes through better risk-managed business decisions.”

“Brier & Thorn has fostered a significant presence in Germany, recently launching its newly redesigned web site in German after moving into the Schengen area just over a year ago. Brier & Thorn is demonstrating a vested interest in supporting sustainable economic growth and access to higher quality jobs for a growing high tech talent pool across Germany and Northern Europe.

Vicky Alcaraz, Managing Director of Brier & Thorn Germany says, “The new Security Operations Center and corporate office expansion in Stuttgart reflects the long-term strategic investment Brier & Thorn continues to make in Germany as a significant growth market for Brier & Thorn. Since 2013, Group has reported triple digit year over year growth in global revenues, with a majority of gross revenues originating out of our IT risk management consulting business in Germany as the automotive sector continues its digital transformation strategy to meet growing consumer demands for higher technology, connected vehicles. Today, the Brier & Thorn brand has now become synonymous with secure, connected cars. In addition to our explosive growth in automotive security, Brier & Thorn has begun to take on new work in securing the connected parts being implemented into fixed and rotary-wing aircraft and continues to see growing demand for our ISO 27001 consulting services as companies quickly move to put their disjointed IT security programs under a formal management system while trying to meet new legislative demands coming out of the European Union for businesses to meet growing consumer safety and data privacy concerns.”

Brier & Thorn has been helping companies build their information security management systems according to the ISO 27001 standard, then leading them to certification and SOC2 attestation, while also providing managed security services through network security monitoring since 2010. Our certified security analysts monitor installations across 71 countries from our global SOCs in North America and Europe, often monitoring and managing customer’s existing security controls.

To secure the ideas that our clients bring to market that changes the way we live, work, and play is the call to action, which is now extended to Internet of Things as more devices become increasingly connected, from our homes, to cars, and now aircraft.

Stuttgart Offices

Brier & Thorn Germany, GmbH
Königstraße 10C 70173
Stuttgart, Germany
Main: +49 711 2295 4576
Email: [email protected]
Brier & Thorn Germany, GmbH
Lautenschlagerstraße 23a
70173 Stuttgart
Main: +49 711 2295 4576
Email: [email protected]

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With over 100 customers across 71 countries, Brier & Thorn is one of the world’s leading providers of IT risk management consulting and managed security services. Together with its clients, Brier & Thorn helps its customers create more accretive value by helping them exploit new opportunities through risk-managed decisions in order to leverage technology securely to advance their organizational outcomes. Learn more about our IT risk management services in penetration testing, risk assessments, internal audits, and incident response services as well as our managed security services practice at www.brierandthorn.com.



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